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Update to KakaoStory v3.0

KakaoStory has a new look and new features in version 3.0!

Disappearing groups and more in KakaoGroup v2.5.0

KakaoGroup’s latest version has some cool new features, including a somewhat explosive addition…

Two Versions, One Great KakaoTalk Experience for Windows Phone Users

Windows Phone users searching for KakaoTalk in the Apps+Game Store will surely be seeing double today as Korea’s No. 1 mobile social messenger is now available in two versions.

New Security Features and Improvements Coming to KakaoTalk

We understand how important security and privacy are to your day-to-day communication, which makes it one of the Daum Kakao team’s #1 concerns. In developing and updating all of our services, we keep user privacy and protection in mind in all of the features, options and improvements we put in place. Starting this year and going into 2015, KakaoTalk will undergo some changes and add new features to reinforce user

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New from the Kakao Lab: Notification Cover for Android

The Kakao Lab is intent on brewing new features that will not only help you use KakaoTalk better, but also help you become a more productive smartphone user! And the newest fruit of the Kakao Lab definitely lends itself to smart productivity. The new creation is called the Notification Cover, and it’s tailor-designed for Android to display KakaoTalk and other app activity at a glance. (Maybe you’ve coveted a similar feature

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Don’t Scroll—Search!

In KakaoTalk v4.5.0 for ANDROID.

KakaoTalk adds language support for Arabic

We’re glad to add Arabic to KakaoTalk’s breadth of supported languages, making it the 15th language supported within the service. Arabic will be available to Android users (Android Jelly Bean 4.2 and higher) supported by a unique reverse UI allowing the text to appear from right to left within KakaoTalk. Through this update, we aim to further our commitment to all users globally and offering them a more interconnected mobile

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Access 3 billion Stories, share your news, pictures and life, now through the web.

Starting today, KakaoStory users will be able to freely upload and share photos and stories, and browse through friends’ Stories from multiple devices by simply logging on with your Kakao Account at story.kakao.com   You, Me, Us, KakaoStory, and the web The web version of KakaoStory perfectly replicates the design and key features within the mobile app, making it super easy to go back and forth between the mobile app

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