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Mind Tree helps Daum Kakao members say thanks

In a company culture that values collaboration and community, Mind Tree is another way for Daum Kakao members to work closely together.

Into Space: A Look at Daum Kakao’s Jeju HQ

Space.1, a part of Jeju Science Park, and now Daum Kakao’s official headquarters, was completed in April 2012. The building is (if we do say so ourselves!) something to be taken in, architecturally. Designed by the firm Mass Studies, the building is mainly horizontal in orientation, which the firm wanted to reflect the company culture. The building is set into a slope and was designed to fit organically in the center of its large, green campus.

Daum Kakao Members Embark on Trip to India for ‘Hope’

The Hope School in Bardhaman, Bengal, India  This weekend, 10 Daum Kakao members will head to India for a very important meeting. The long flight will bring them to the Bardhaman region of Bengal, India where each Daum Kakao member will meet the special students of  the ninth Daum Kakao Hope School. Daum Kakao’s Hope School project, started by Daum in 2006, sources employee donations to build schools in developing countries across Asia.

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A stand-up job: Kakao Krew take to the standing desk alternative

Sitting is getting an increasingly bad rap these days—with some even purporting sitting to be as bad as smoking.   The daily sitting we’re doing at work—recently clocked as 9.3 hours a day on average—has been linked to not only fatigue, weight gain and body aches but more serious problems caused by low activity such as cancer and heart disease. So, what’s the good news for the thousands of desk-bound

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