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Kakao Corp website gets face-lift!

Kakao’s corporate website, which was originally created in 2014 to announce the new beginning of Kakao, has been revamped. It is up and running as of Nov 2017. We’re delighted to introduce the new Kakao Corp website (https://www.kakaocorp.com) which has been redesigned with aims of strengthening Kakao’s brand image, securing its position as a corporate hub channel to provide sustainable information, and providing the better coverage of Kakao communities. โ€ข

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Kakao celebrates 6-year anniversary of Kakao Emoticons

Buyers grow by a whopping 40% every year in Emoticon Store. Cumulative emoticon products rose 900 times in 6 years to reach 5,500 items. There are now big-shot emoticon artists who sell 1B won’s worth of emoticons per year.   [2017-11-29] In celebrating the 6-year anniversary, the Emoticon Store of Kakao (CEO Jihoon Rim) revealed how it has grown for the past six years as well as the development of

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Kakao Around the World – Tell Us Your Story for a Chance to Win!

How do you use Kakao where you live? Tell us for a chance to win a Kakao Friends figurine! See post for details!!!

Contribute to Disaster Relief Efforts with “Pray for Nepal” Sticker Set

    “Pray for Nepal” stickers featuring Mozzi will be on sale until May 26th in the KakaoTalk Item Store. Full proceeds of “Pray for Nepal”ย items sold will benefit a charity for the affected children of Nepal. The set of 8 stickers is $0.99 from the App Store and $1.00 from the Google Play Store. Every contribution matters! ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

New Apple Watch Support on KakaoTalk

A seamless link between KakaoTalk iOS and your Apple Watch.

Ask Frodo #6: What do the red dots on my friends list mean?

For anyone wondering about the red dots on their Friends Tab, we’ve got answers!

Sticker Fans! Get the KakaoTalk Surprise Pack for a Limited Time!

The Surprise Pack – only in the Item Store until 4/27!

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