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Kakao Around the World – Tell Us Your Story for a Chance to Win!

How do you use Kakao where you live? Tell us for a chance to win a Kakao Friends figurine! See post for details!!!

KakaoStory Tops Social Networking Services in Korea

KakaoStory is the SNS of choice in South Korea.

Update to KakaoStory v3.0

KakaoStory has a new look and new features in version 3.0!

A Very Connected Day in the Life

A day in a very connected life might look like this:

Access 3 billion Stories, share your news, pictures and life, now through the web.

Starting today, KakaoStory users will be able to freely upload and share photos and stories, and browse through friends’ Stories from multiple devices by simply logging on with your Kakao Account at story.kakao.com   You, Me, Us, KakaoStory, and the web The web version of KakaoStory perfectly replicates the design and key features within the mobile app, making it super easy to go back and forth between the mobile app

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