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SPOTTED! Cherry Blossoms Draw Delight from the Kakao Friends

The Kakao Friends are just like us –they LOVE springtime.

Kakao Friends Take Over Woori Bank

Banks usually aren’t a whole lot of fun to visit, but that’s certainly not the case with Woori Bank’s Myeongdong branch as they’ve enlisted the help of Frodo, Neo, Jay-G and the rest of the gang to promote BankWalletKakao and related products.

VIDEO: ‘Behind the Scenes’ of Frodo and Neo’s ‘Special Edition’ Stickers

Ever wonder how much work it takes the Kakao Friends to make their adorable stickers?

Giant. Fluffy. Slippers.

Keeping warm just got more fun.

Make your own Apeach origami!

Make your own Apeach origami!

Kakao Friends Find Long-term Home at COEX Department Store

In light of the tremendous popularity of the Pop-Up stores throughout South Korea this year, we thought it high time to carve out a permanent shop for all things Kakao Friends.

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