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Kakao CEO Ji-Hoon Rim awarded Leadership Excellence Award By AIS

The distinguished AIS Leadership Excellence Award is presented annually at ICIS to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and innovation in the use and development of information systems. AIS and the ICIS 2017 Organizing Committee are pleased announce that the Keynote Address at ICIS 2017 will be delivered by Ji-Hoon Rim, CEO of Kakao. Following the address, Rim will be presented with the 2017 Leadership Excellence Award. The Association for

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Kakao launches the Kakao Research Support Program to recruit AI talents

– Offers research scholarship, financial support for participation in international conferences and internship. – Accepts application year-round, with no application deadlines. – Plans to hold on-campus recruiting events in early 2018, to be attended by Kakao CEO Jihoon Rim. Kakao Corp. (CEO Jihoon Rim) is expanding its workforce in AI (artificial intelligence). The company has established strategies to actively search for Al talents, such as a year-round research support program

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Kakao Corp website gets face-lift!

Kakao’s corporate website, which was originally created in 2014 to announce the new beginning of Kakao, has been revamped. It is up and running as of Nov 2017. We’re delighted to introduce the new Kakao Corp website (https://www.kakaocorp.com) which has been redesigned with aims of strengthening Kakao’s brand image, securing its position as a corporate hub channel to provide sustainable information, and providing the better coverage of Kakao communities. •

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Kakao celebrates 6-year anniversary of Kakao Emoticons

Buyers grow by a whopping 40% every year in Emoticon Store. Cumulative emoticon products rose 900 times in 6 years to reach 5,500 items. There are now big-shot emoticon artists who sell 1B won’s worth of emoticons per year.   [2017-11-29] In celebrating the 6-year anniversary, the Emoticon Store of Kakao (CEO Jihoon Rim) revealed how it has grown for the past six years as well as the development of

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Kakao publishes the 2017 Kakao Mobility Report

[2017-11-27] Daily average of one hour and 48 minutes per person. Every moment of movement and changes happening in Korea is included in the report. Kakao Mobility (CEO Joohwan Jung) announced on Nov 27 that it has published the 2017 Kakao Mobility Report (hereinafter “the Report”). The Report aims to contribute to the public good such as transportation policies, local businesses and daily life by analyzing the big data of

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Kakao sets a new record in quarterly sale

Operating profits also best ever since 1Q 2015 KRW 515.4bn in revenue and KRW 47.4bn in operating profits in 3Q17 Even growth in all segments including advertising, content and commerce Gearing up to build the AI ecosystem Kakao to open the platform available to everyone [2017.11.9] Kakao announced today that it recorded KRW 515.4bn in consolidated sales and KRW 47.4bn in operating profit in the third quarter of 2017 based

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Celebrating 5 Years of KakaoTalk!

Celebrating 5 fantastic years of KakaoTalk!

Ask Frodo #4 – What’s in my KakaoTalk Settings menu?

In case you didn’t know about all the stuff you can manage and customize from the Settings menu, Frodo’s got you covered.

BankWalletKakao TV spot featuring Misaeng stars

Check out a new TV spot for BankWalletKakao featuring the stars of the hit office drama “Misaeng.”

Watch KakaoPay’s new TV spot

Because KakaoPay won’t take you all day!