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Kakao celebrates 6-year anniversary of Kakao Emoticons

Buyers grow by a whopping 40% every year in Emoticon Store. Cumulative emoticon products rose 900 times in 6 years to reach 5,500 items. There are now big-shot emoticon artists who sell 1B won’s worth of emoticons per year.   [2017-11-29] In celebrating the 6-year anniversary, the Emoticon Store of Kakao (CEO Jihoon Rim) revealed how it has grown for the past six years as well as the development of

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Sticker Fans! Get the KakaoTalk Surprise Pack for a Limited Time!

The Surprise Pack – only in the Item Store until 4/27!

VIDEO: ‘Behind the Scenes’ of Frodo and Neo’s ‘Special Edition’ Stickers

Ever wonder how much work it takes the Kakao Friends to make their adorable stickers?

Valentine’s Day is upon us. No plan? No problem.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our readers!

A Year in Stickers

Measuring 2014 in stickers. 😛

Share the Love this Winter with KakaoTalk’s Frodo & Neo

The latest Kakao Friends emoticons are here, just in time for the holiday season when spreading love is on everyone’s mind. The new “Love Story” set includes 24 moving stickers featuring everyone’s favorite dynamic duo, Frodo and Neo, and covers the full spectrum of emotions they go through as a couple. Whether madly in love or going through a rough patch, there’s a perfect emoticon to let your special someone

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All About: Our Classic Emojis!

Clearly, emojis aren’t going away anytime soon. If anything, the range of what we can say via emojis should only continue to expand from here. Emojis are fun, for sure, but they are also largely something else: subjective. Emojis can mean different things to different people depending on age, culture, or simply perspective. In addition to all our other digital items and included Kakao Friends emoticons, KakaoTalk offers a collection

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Introducing…the all new Real Emoticons (aka realcons) to KakaoTalk!

Today, Daum Kakao introduced a whole new type of emoticons to KakaoTalk that is sure to bring smiles to your faces! Real Emoticons, or realcons for short, optimize two second video clips of real people (in this case celebrities) in action in an emoticon format that can be used like any other emoticon in a chatroom. Portraying the full torso of the characters instead of just their faces, realcons are

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