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Daum News Funding Brings Readers Closer to Content That Matters to Them

Released in the Fall of 2014, Daum News Funding presents media consumers an alternative way of seeking out and supporting the stories they want to read.

A Very Connected Day in the Life

A day in a very connected life might look like this:

Daum and Kakao take on mission to ‘Connect Everything’ together as Daum Kakao

We’re excited to let our readers know that today, October 1, Daum and Kakao have officially announced the completion of their merger to form Daum Kakao Corp. (For more information on Daum, see our recent post!) At a press conference this morning, it was also announced that Sirgoo Lee, co-CEO of Kakao and Saehoon Choi, CEO of Daum will serve as co-CEOs of the newly formed company. Daum Kakao’s #1 mission is to “connect everything”

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Introducing: Daum Communications

On October 1, 2014, Kakao will be merging with Daum Communications, a technology services company based in Jeju, South Korea. We’d like to tell you more about Daum as a company, their history and what they do so you can get to know them better.