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Kakao publishes the 2017 Kakao Mobility Report

[2017-11-27] Daily average of one hour and 48 minutes per person. Every moment of movement and changes happening in Korea is included in the report. Kakao Mobility (CEO Joohwan Jung) announced on Nov 27 that it has published the 2017 Kakao Mobility Report (hereinafter “the Report”). The Report aims to contribute to the public good such as transportation policies, local businesses and daily life by analyzing the big data of

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Transparency Report Offers Clear Picture of Privacy Protection

To respond to user concerns and underline our first priority of users and their protection first, always, we have released our first, and South Korea’s first, transparency report.

A Peek Inside the ‘Daum Kakao Day 1’ Press Conference!

On October 1, 2014, Kakao completed its merger with Daum Communications. Take a peek inside the press conference event, “Daum Kakao Day 1” held at Seoul’s Westin Chosun Hotel. After Daum Kakao’s co-CEO’s Saehoon Choi and Sirgoo Lee were introduced, the two presented Daum Kakao’s vision for the newly formed company as it takes on the challenge of “Connecting Everything.” The vision explored different connections and amenities as examples of everyday

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Daum and Kakao take on mission to ‘Connect Everything’ together as Daum Kakao

We’re excited to let our readers know that today, October 1, Daum and Kakao have officially announced the completion of their merger to form Daum Kakao Corp. (For more information on Daum, see our recent post!) At a press conference this morning, it was also announced that Sirgoo Lee, co-CEO of Kakao and Saehoon Choi, CEO of Daum will serve as co-CEOs of the newly formed company. Daum Kakao’s #1 mission is to “connect everything”

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Introducing: Daum Communications

On October 1, 2014, Kakao will be merging with Daum Communications, a technology services company based in Jeju, South Korea. We’d like to tell you more about Daum as a company, their history and what they do so you can get to know them better.