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Ask Frodo #6: What do the red dots on my friends list mean?

For anyone wondering about the red dots on their Friends Tab, we’ve got answers!

Ask Frodo #4 – What’s in my KakaoTalk Settings menu?

In case you didn’t know about all the stuff you can manage and customize from the Settings menu, Frodo’s got you covered.

Ask Frodo #3 – What are some ways I can manage my friends on KakaoTalk?

There’s lots of ways to manage your KakaoTalk friends! Here’s our go-to guide.

Ask Frodo #2 – Are there ways to turn off KakaoTalk notifications?

Dogs have a notoriously low attention span, so I totally understand the need to limit the distractions from time to time. Thankfully, yes! There are ways to turn off your KakaoTalk notifications.