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Ask Frodo #4 – What’s in my KakaoTalk Settings menu?

In case you didn’t know about all the stuff you can manage and customize from the Settings menu, Frodo’s got you covered.

Couple Homepack another winner for Buzzpia

Recently, Buzzpia, Daum Kakao’s sister company, teamed up with VCNC, the developers of the popular Between app, to launch the Couple Homepack. Before we let you know about this recent release, here’s a short primer to help you better understand Buzzpia and their signature services.

Buzzpia is the company behind Buzz Launcher and Buzz Widget, two popular Android apps, as well as the Homepack Buzz service. The three intertwine to provide you with easy-to-use tools to design beautiful home launchers, plus a vibrant forum where you can share your unique creations.

New from the Kakao Lab: Notification Cover for Android

The Kakao Lab is intent on brewing new features that will not only help you use KakaoTalk better, but also help you become a more productive smartphone user! And the newest fruit of the Kakao Lab definitely lends itself to smart productivity. The new creation is called the Notification Cover, and it’s tailor-designed for Android to display KakaoTalk and other app activity at a glance. (Maybe you’ve coveted a similar feature

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Features are brewing in the all-new Kakao Lab!

In the latest update for Android, we’ve introduced Kakao Lab, a new project located in your Settings tab. The Kakao Team has been busy at work creating a place where experimental features can be tested within KakaoTalk. By tapping Kakao Lab, you’ll be able to see the featured experiments and try them out for yourself! As they are experiments, however, the Kakao Team may adapt and change them depending on

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Don’t Scroll—Search!

In KakaoTalk v4.5.0 for ANDROID.

KakaoTalk adds language support for Arabic

We’re glad to add Arabic to KakaoTalk’s breadth of supported languages, making it the 15th language supported within the service. Arabic will be available to Android users (Android Jelly Bean 4.2 and higher) supported by a unique reverse UI allowing the text to appear from right to left within KakaoTalk. Through this update, we aim to further our commitment to all users globally and offering them a more interconnected mobile

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