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Kakao launches the Kakao Research Support Program to recruit AI talents

– Offers research scholarship, financial support for participation in international conferences and internship.

– Accepts application year-round, with no application deadlines.

– Plans to hold on-campus recruiting events in early 2018, to be attended by Kakao CEO Jihoon Rim.

Kakao Corp. (CEO Jihoon Rim) is expanding its workforce in AI (artificial intelligence). The company has established strategies to actively search for Al talents, such as a year-round research support program for graduate and Ph.D. students, and on-campus recruiting events where CEO Rim is to give a lecture.

Kakao announced on Dec 1 that it would launch the Kakao Research Support Program for graduate and doctoral students. The program is open to students enrolled in graduate or PhD programs in the fields of AI, engineering and computer engineering, and application is accepted year-round.

The research support program consists of three categories – research scholarship (financial support for tuition and research), financial support for participating in international conferences and research internship. Applicants can choose a category meeting their needs and situations through the “tailor-made” application system.

Kakao will provide full financial support for tuition and research (up to 20 million won per year) to those who are accepted into the Research Scholarship category. They will also garner the benefit of working as full-time Kakao employees. The applicants who are finally selected for the Participation in International Conferences will be awarded with full expenses for participation in a conference (round-trip air tickets, accommodation, participation fees, etc). The participants will also have an opportunity to share and discuss the main points of the conference with Kakao staff. In the meantime, those selected for the Research Internship will have access to Kakao’s data for their researches during the internship period category. In addition, they will enjoy such benefits as accommodation near the office and an additional incentive up to 10 million won if they publish a paper based on the research conducted during the internship period. Requirements and other specifics regarding the program can be founded in Kakao’s career website.

In addition to this year-round research program for AI talents, Kakao is also planning to hold on-campus recruiting events in early 2018, in which CEO Rim and Kakao’s AI developers visit major universities and explain Kakao’s future vision and its recruiting program. This event is expected to help Kakao meet young talents in AI-related fields face-to-face and promote itself as the leading AI company.

“Kakao is doing its best in many areas to step up its artificial intelligence efforts,” noted Sung-hyun Hwang, Kakao’s HR Executive Vice President. “Our priority lies in the ability to capture the best talents. That being said, we will continue to develop more programs moving forward to recruit many AI talents,” added Hwang.



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