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Kakao Corp website gets face-lift!

Kakao’s corporate website, which was originally created in 2014 to announce the new beginning of Kakao, has been revamped. It is up and running as of Nov 2017.

We’re delighted to introduce the new Kakao Corp website (https://www.kakaocorp.com) which has been redesigned with aims of strengthening Kakao’s brand image, securing its position as a corporate hub channel to provide sustainable information, and providing the better coverage of Kakao communities.

• What’s New?

1. New brand value and streamlined official channel

After the merger in 2014, Kakao had two corporate channels – kakaocorp.com and kakao.com (former Kakao homepage). Now they have been integrated into one channel in an attempt to strengthen the role of the corporate portal and deliver Kakao’s streamlined brand value.

2. Corporate image focused on lifestyle

Kakao is a brand which is deeply penetrated into the lives of many users. Thus, images representing Kakao Services have been designed to create one brand image, rather than focusing on individual functions. We’d like to continue to create friendly and comfortable images that are close to people’s daily life.

3. Social Impact and Value

In order to create social impact and value, Kakao continues to host various programs to enhance coexistence and cooperation with its partners, as well as to participate in regional development projects based in Jeju. Kakao is writing its own sustainable social contribution stories while creating social value activities with other people.

4. UX & UI design to provide efficient information and better connectivity

Kakao has re-organized its UX and UI designs to reduce unnecessary information and show more relevant information when displaying various content within Kakao. That way, each content can be consumed more efficiently meeting its own unique value based on organic connectivity.

More interesting and productive stories will be introduced in the Kakao’s corporate website which has been revamped in 2017. Meet friendlier and more comfortable Kakao in the Kakao Corp website!

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