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Kakao Roundup #10

Hard to believe we’re already heading into October. Fittingly, we’re here to bring you the 10th edition of the Kakao Roundup. We’ve got stories on Kakao’s latest ventures including the new and improved Kakao Map, exciting partnerships both local and abroad, and some cool news for fans of PC games. Hope your October is a perfect 10.


Kakao Map brings a whole new view to users


On Sept. 19th, Kakao launched a revamped version of the company’s popular Daum Map service. Renamed to Kakao Map, the Android app utilizes Korea’s first vector system to offer 3D views, and integrates data from Kakao’s other services to offer real time weather and travel information. An iOS version is expected to launch by the end of the year.

Kakao launches map service with 3D sky view (ZDNet)

For more information on Kakao Map, check out this interview with one of its lead designers:

Designer highlights gradual innovation for usability (The Korea Times)


 Kakao partners with Jobplanet on new service for job seekers

Searching for jobs is never an easy task, and lack of information on your potential employer is often a major source of frustration. Through a new joint service, Kakao and Jobplanet hope to alleviate some of this stress by providing job seekers with useful information on more than 15,000 companies, including average annual salary, employee benefits, and corporate culture. All information are based on reviews from former and current employees and plus users that went through the company’s application process.

Kakao launches online job search service (The Korea Herald)


Kakao looks to boost cooperation with local partners

One our core tenet has been to grow together with our partners. As part of this continued effort, Kakao recently announced two major partnerships. The first, with local carsharing startups SOCAR and GreenCar, is for wide-ranging cooperation in transportation businesses. The second is with the Jeju Creative Economy Innovation Center and Jeju Ole to promote cultural content in Jeju Island.

Kakao expands partnerships in transportation O2O sector (The Korea Times)

Kakao Signs MOU to Promote Cultural Contents in Jeju (Business Korea)

 New update for Black Desert plus an old favorite returns to the PC

While Kakao has long been associated with mobile games, we’re also starting to build a strong PC lineup, including Black Desert Online, which has found big audiences in the US and Europe. The MMORPG recently announced its latest update, the second installment of the Class Awakenings titled “Sorceress Awakened: Search of the Reaper’s Sickle”. Another news on the PC front is the upcoming return of Echo of Soul. The fantasy RPG is expected to return in October following an one year hiatus. You can check out the trailer below:

Black Desert Online rolls out new Awakening weapon and Boss (GameZone)

Kakao Games Brings Echo of Soul Back to Life in South Korea (MMOSite)


 Bits & Bites

Finally, some interesting stories focusing on Kakao’s recent investment in a Philippines startup and a look at how farmers in Korea are using social media like Kakao Talk to attract new customers.

There’s a $500 billion remittance market, and Bitcoin startups want in on it (Quartz)

Farmers find new growth through social media (Korea JoongAng Daily)


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