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Kakao Roundup #6

Hello everyone. Hope things are going well for you guys. The latest news from Kakao includes our 1st quarter earnings report, an update on our upcoming designated driver service and a story mentioning how scientist are using Kakao Talk for speedy international cooperation.

 Kakao shows QoQ growth for Game, Commerce and Content businesses

Kakao announced its first quarter earnings results last week and showed considerable growth, particularly in the mobile sector. We’re looking to continue that trend by launching a number of new games and on demand services in the second half, so stay tuned.

Kakao Reports 1Q 2016 Earnings report (Official Kakao site)

 Kakao Driver takes next step in prepping service launch

Our O2O team is hard at work getting ready to launch Kakao Driver, our designated driver service. As part of that effort we signed partnership agreements with major unions that represent prospective drivers. The service is expected to launch in the coming weeks.

Kakao reconciles with drivers in chauffeur service (The Korea Times)


 Korean and Belarusian students use Kakao Talk in research partnership

Amidst a story on the growing collaboration between leading chemists from Belarus and the Korean scientific community is a mention of how students from each country are using Kakao Talk to communicate:

For the first time, my students and researchers from Belarus have immediate contact with researchers and students from Korea,” he pointed out. “They message each other through Kakao Talk,” referring to the popular Korean instant messaging app.

We gotta say that this makes us super happy and we hope Kakao Talk continues to play a role in fostering global collaborations.

Belarus Chemist praises bilateral cooperation with Korea (Korea JoongAng Daily)


That’s it for this edition. As a last note, if you’re a fan of online games, check out Daum Game’s Black Desert, which recently released the Part 2 of the Mediah expansion pack. Shiver Me Timbers indeed! Cheers!



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