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Kakao Roundup #5

Hey~ Hope everyone’s having a good month. We’re back to share the latest Kakao news, including our CEO Jimmy’s interview with The Korea Economic Daily and a new feature for Kakao Talk:

Kakao’s CEO Jimmy Rim shares his vision for Kakao

In the story, Jimmy talks about Kakao’s various new business ventures evolving into a “lifestyle design” for our users. He also mentions how Kakao’s unique corporate culture contributed to the company’s success.

Kakao’s Culture Is to Say No Even to CEO (The Korea Economic Daily)


 Super easy money transfer between friends is Kakao Pay’s latest innovation

With more than 8 million users, Kakao’s Kakao Pay is one of Korea’s top mobile financial services. And we’re releasing a new money transfer service that’s going to make sending & receiving money between friends incredibly easy. The service will be available in late April/early May.

Kakao Blog - Money Animated Gif

Kakao to add remittance service to mobile messenger (The Korea Times)


 O.N.E. is coming to Kakao Game…

If you’re a fan of RPG games, get ready for O.N.E., the first title Kakao is publishing for its Kakao Game platform. The game is expected to be out in the second half of 2016, and you can check out the preview video below:

Kakao Game O.N.E. trailer (YouTube)


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“Kakao Roundup #5”
  • Hi…
    I’m learning Korean and very much would like to read the paid webtoons from daum in Korean. How do i pay for the service? I have a kakao account that is linked to daum. I currently live in Australia and hold a credit card and paypal account.


    • Hi Carla! Thanks for supporting Daum Webtoon! Unfortunately, making any kind of online purchases in Korea requires, by law, a verification process. For this process, you will likely need a phone serviced by a Korean telecom company and a Korean credit card. Very sorry about that. However Daum Webtoon does constantly update content that you can enjoy for free, so make sure to check in often. Cheers~

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