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Kakao Roundup #3

With the weekend just around the corner, here’s a quick look at what’s been going on at Kakao:


Mar. 24th Kakao Game publisher NextFloor announces closed beta for <Friends Run> 

<Friends Run>, a side scroller running game featuring Kakao’s ultra popular Kakao Friends characters, is running (ha!) a closed beta test from March 24th to the 28th. It’s only available in Korea for Android users, but you can check out the game footage below.

Friends Run game footage (Game Ball TV)


 Mar. 14th Kakao’s Daum Webtoon to hit the big (and small) screens in China

Kakao forms a partnership with Huace Group, one of China’s top entertainment studios, to adopt five Daum Webtoon titles into movies and TV/web series.

Kakao’s webtoons to be reproduced in China (Yonhap News Agency)



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