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Kakao’s S2Graph is an Apache Incubator Project!

S2Graph, an online transaction processing (OLTP) graph database developed by Kakao, was selected by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) as an incubator project. ASF is the world’s largest non-profit foundation for open source software, and it currently supports more than 350 open source projects including the Apache HTTP server, Apache Hadoop and Apache Tomcat.

Kakao’s S2Graph is an OLTP graph database based on Apache HBase, and it allows for speedy and efficient management of the massive amounts of data produced from Kakao’s services. A graph database visualizes the correlation between various data and most major social media companies use self-developed databases to back user feed algorithms.

S2Graph is currently used for more than 20 Kakao services including KakaoTalk, KakaoStory, KakaoMusic, Gift Store and Daum Mobile. It stores approximately one trillion user relationship data, and 50 billion relationship data are analyzed daily and incorporated into different services.

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Apache Software Foundation website (www.apache.org)

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