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Daum Kakao to change company name to Kakao

Today we announced the decision to change our corporate name from Daum Kakao Corp. to Kakao Corp., as part of our continued effort to grow into a full-fledged mobile lifestyle platform company.

Daum Kakao took off last October following the merger of Daum Communications and Kakao Corp., with the mission to “Connect Everything”. Although we’ve since firmly established ourselves as the number one mobile platform in an ever-changing market, the name “Daum Kakao” presented a certain level of ambiguity in illustrating the direction of our company. Thus, we made the tough decision to change our corporate name to Kakao, with the purpose of reaffirming our identity as a mobile-first company.

Kakao is a name with outstanding brand awareness as well as a strong association to successful mobile services such as KakaoTalk, KakaoStory and KakaoTaxi. We feel it best represents our mobile-centric approach and our resolve to become a global mobile platform company.

The new company name, along with the appointment of Ji-Hoon Rim as the new CEO, will become official following the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on September 23rd. A new CI for Kakao will also be introduced soon after.

Meanwhile, ‘Daum’ will remain as the brand name for the PC portal website, the Daum app and numerous other Daum services.

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  • Congratulations for the merger. Kakao is really to capture and remember by the user. The brand is very important for the Filipinos to embrace a new services or any brand new products.

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