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KakaoTalk Connects K-Pop Fans Online and Offline at KCON 2015

KakaoTalk took part in KCON’s 2015 festivities in order to help KCON-goers and KakaoTalk users from all over North America and beyond to connect to one another, make new friends, plan and get psyched for the stateside K-pop event of the year.

KCON is an annual convention and concert featuring exclusive megastars of the K-Pop stratosphere. The 4th year of KCON celebrated not just k-pop but “All things Hallyu” from Korean-wave music and television dramas to fashion, beauty and food. This year’s KCON held events in LA (Jul 31-Aug 2) and in New York (Aug 8).

KakaoTalk greeted fans at this year’s LA convention at its bright-yellow booth where fans could pose at the Kakao Friends photo zone, and participate in fan challenges to win Kakao Friends prizes and cheering tools.

Daum Kakao Blog - KCON 01
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New York and LA KCON goers who participated in pre-event fan chatrooms for artists performing at KCON were rewarded with cheering slogans for their favorite artists performing at the event.

Fan challenges at the KakaoTalk booth provided another opportunity for KCON-goers to bond further and work together to win prizes.

Daum Kakao Blog - KCON 03

The fan chatrooms, opened several weeks prior to KCON, served as a place for KakaoTalk users and K-pop lovers to connect over shared interests, plan travel to and from KCON, discuss KCON events, and arrange meet ups throughout the convention.

The KakaoTalk fan chatrooms will remain open well past KCON so that users can continue to discuss their interests and have fun.

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“KakaoTalk Connects K-Pop Fans Online and Offline at KCON 2015”
  • Hey guys,

    Longtime reader of the blog! I noticed a lot of your images are no longer there? Not just in this post but in a few others.

    • Thanks for checking out the blog Trinity~ And thanks for pointing this out. We changed our image hosting service, so some of the older images are currently unavailable. We hope to fix this very soon. Have a great weekend~

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