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Daum Kakao releases Transparency Report for 1st half 2015

Daum Kakao today released our Transparency Report for 1st half 2015. Protecting user privacy is the top priority for Daum Kakao and a key part of that is being transparent with users about our privacy practices and the government requests we receive regarding personal information.

The report contains the number of requests we’ve received from government agencies for user information and how Daum Kakao has complied with these requests. Also included are the number of requests for protection of users rights on issues of copyright, trademark and likeness infringements, defamation, and requests for removal of personal information.

We published our first Transparency Report last January, as a key step in strengthening our privacy practices and addressing user concerns. You can view the report, as well as Daum Kakao’s various privacy protection efforts at:

http://privacy.daumkakao.com/en/main (English)

http://privacy.daumkakao.com/main (Korean)


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