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KakaoTalk Releases a Special Emoticon Set for Deaf Users

As mobile tech keeps barreling toward a hyper-connected future, some individuals and groups with unique challenges are occasionally left behind. It’s up to us in the tech world to make effort to create more inclusive experiences no matter what the challenge.

Today, June 3rd, is Korea’s national Day of the Deaf – a day we are proud to introduce a special emoticon collection specifically created to engage deaf and hard of hearing users.

“Learn Sign Language with Hero” is an expressive set of emoticons that will allow deaf and hard of hearing users to communicate in sign language through KakaoTalk. The set features 24 common phrases such as “I Love You,” “Hi,” and “Cheer Up!” with corresponding signing gestures.

Other users, too, can use the emoticon set to contribute to the deaf and hard of hearing cause and learn some signing on their own. ☺

With each purchase, Daum Kakao will donate KRW 1,000 to organizations advocating for the deaf and hard of hearing. Our hope is that the project will not only assist the hearing-impaired population, but also contribute to the conversation on social issues facing the deaf and hard of hearing.

Participants can track and promote the campaign through the Daum Hope site and check out the real-time total number of donations. (http://hope.daum.net)

While this emoticon set itself is only available to users in Korea, we believe these moves will create a ripple for larger, worldwide changes in the future.

We hope to continue to drive effort toward providing increased accessibility to more and more individuals and offer the best experience possible. Every effort matters!


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