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Our next new journey with Path!

Today we welcome a very special addition to Daum Kakao’s service family… Path!

Path was born 5 years ago as a service focused on bringing users happiness, meaning and connections, and Daum Kakao and Path are quite excited to continue that simple but important mission.

Path was designed to provide users with a private environment where sharing could be kept intimate and personal. Features based on this philosophy, which allowed users to keep the sharing limited to specific circles of friends and family resonated particularly strongly with users in Indonesia, driving Path to quickly become the one of the top three social network services in the region. Till this day, Path continues to play a critical role in enhancing and maintaining intimate relationships for nearly 10 million users in the region. Daum Kakao and Path will continue to provide new features and updates that will strengthen this network.

At the same time, we believe this concrete user base holds potential for growth into a platform offering rich experiences that could bring tangible changes to everyday life, and are excited about extending the innovations we brought to our Korean users to the global community. We promise to keep our ears open to our users in order to amplify Path’s potential for innovative features and new connections.

We look forward to sharing more news and updates on Path with you, so stay tuned!

More information on the news can be found here: Daum Kakao Acquires Popular Social Network Path

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