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Ask Frodo #6: What do the red dots on my friends list mean?

A few of our users have wondered about the small red dots appearing next to some contacts on their friends list.

The red dot feature indicates which friends have recently updated their KakaoTalk mini-profile: status message, profile photo or cover photo. If you’re interested in seeing what your friend updated, tap their name to take a look. 

The red dot will disappear after you view your friend’s profile. And, of course, your friends will see a red dot next to your name if you update your own profile. 

So keep those profiles fresh and #KeepTalking !

(If you’re looking for ideas on how to make your mini-profile pop, check out our decorating suggestions!) 

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“Ask Frodo #6: What do the red dots on my friends list mean?”
  • Is it possible to ‘hide’ certain conversations? For example, my girlfriend often uses my phone, and I don’t want her to read some messages. I don’t want to password protect the app, because she will ask about why it is passworded.


  • Hi Frodo~
    I recently unblocked a person but chose to not see them on my Friends List. They’re not under hidden friend or blocked friends, so where do they go and can I change this? Also, is there a way for me to become invisible or disallow people to view my profile?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Lina~
      “I recently unblocked a person but chose to not see them on my Friends List.” -> Which feature did you use to ‘not see them’ on your Friends List? If you used either ‘Hide’ or ‘Block’, they will appear under the corresponding lists. If not, and you have their number in your phone, they will be in your Friends or Recommended Friends list depending on your sync settings. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to become invisible unless you block other users. Hope this helps and have a great day!

      • Thank you for the reply. What I did was; after unblocking them, I got the option of whether I would like to see the person on my friend’s list. I chose to not and the person disappeared from all lists, they weren’t in my friends, hidden or blocked lists. So I was confused about where they had gone too. Thank you for the help though!

        And just a final clarification (sorry): If I block somebody, they are unable to view my profile and message me but can see me in their friend’s list?

  • I didn’t know how to quit Kakaotalk so I unregistered. I lost all my emoticons. when I restore my backup in Itune, Kakao won’t connect stating another device is using the account!! When I use the same phone & phone number.

    • Hi Lina. Have you tried logging in with your Kakao Account ID & PW? KakaoTalk is not linked to iTunes in anyway, so you should be able to log in directly through your phone. Let us know if that works. Thanks.

  • Hello I wonder if I am being blocked will I be able to see the red dot? I recently saw my ex’s red dot but when I click to the profile I don’t see any update.
    Also if I am blocked and I sent her message will she be able to see it when she unblocks me?

  • Hey! can you make the ‘Refresh’ function more simple. Like, instead of going to ‘Manage friends’ >> ‘Refresh’, a User could just slide down the friends’ list and it refreshes automatically.
    Also, you should guys add a new function, such as sending a doodle (something to draw by hand and send, like a note)
    Good job!
    Thank you for your service.

    • We really appreciate your suggestions Igor! We’ll make sure to relay them to the service team. Regarding the Manage Friends feature, if you select “Add Automatically”, any new number you add should show up as a KakaoTalk friend! Hope that helps and thanks again~

  • HELLO frodo how can I know that the person is online in kakaotalk? Like in facebook messenger you will know if the person is online or not.

    • Hey Jlove! Kakao Talk doesn’t have a specific feature for this because it’s linked to your mobile #. The number next to the chat dialogue lets you know if your friend read the message or not. Hope that helps and have a great weekend~

  • I unregistered my account and re registered it, my chat history is clear, like its supposed to be, but I was wondering if my friends chat history was also clear of any conversations we had before I unregistered. Thank you~

  • Hi Frodo
    The version for my iPhone 3 was incompatible. So I deleted the kakao app on my iPhone 3. But when I downloaded kakao on my iPhone 5, I had to sign in with a number. I thought that since they were by iCloud my ID and number would be saved. I do not have a phone number and the one that I used for the iPhone 3 is expired. And when I re-downloaded the app on my iPhone 3 I had to put in a phone number again. It is very frustrating to have to do this. If possible it would be very much appreciated if there could be an option to sign in with your ID and password when you first open the app after download. Is there any way to get my account back?
    Thank you.

    • Hi and sorry for your inconvenience. Kakao Account and most services connected to it, including Kakao Talk, are linked to your mobile phone number. We use the number to verify your account to ensure its security. If you maintain your phone number, you can use your ID & PW to log in, but otherwise you must re-verify your account. Again, we’re very sorry about your situation. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you.

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