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5 Things to Know about Daum Kakao’s new Mobile Blogging Platform, “PLAIN”

Daum Kakao today released the beta version of PLAIN, a mobile app that makes blogging oh-so-easy. Here are 5 things that make PLAIN a terrific tool for avid bloggers everywhere.


  1. Every element of your blog post, including text, images, videos and links, can be effortlessly maneuvered in the My Page section. Using the content search function, uploading up to 30 images or embedding videos from YouTube is quick and easy. My Page also lets you set your nickname, profile pic and a short bio.

Daum Kakao Blog - PLAIN Search 01

  1. PLAIN offers a comprehensive search option that allows you to search by tag, text, people and more.  You can choose a hashtag you like and tap the star icon to save tags to your Favorites. This will let you see more content posted with this tag.

Daum Kakao Blog - PLAIN Tags 01


  1. Finding and connecting with like-minded users is a breeze on PLAIN.  By suggesting tags based on your activity, you’ll be able to see bloggers who share your interests. Add them to Favorites so you can keep up with them easily.


  1. See a post you like? You can click on the heart icon under the post to let them know or leave comments for a lively discussion on the topic at hand. Each post also provides similar recommended PLAIN posts so you can find more of the content that you love.

Daum Kakao Blog - PLAIN Connect 01


  1. All PLAIN posts can be shared on social media such as KakaoTalk, KakaoStory, Facebook and others, with even more options coming in the near future.


Try the beta version of PLAIN at the Google Play store.



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