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Smile Brighter with the Kakao Friends!

Brushing your teeth just got a whole lot less boring thanks to Perioe’s new Kakao Friends toothpaste. Available in fun flavors like “Sweet Apple” and “Sexy Grapefruit,” the Kakao Friends toothpaste come in standard (5 tubes + an Apeach pouch) and mini (4 tubes) sets.

KakaoFriends toothpaste

The Kakao Friends toothpaste sets are currently available in Kakao Friends Brand Stores, as well as select retailers in South Korea.

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“Smile Brighter with the Kakao Friends!”
  • HI,i saw this post from search engine,may i ask that is there any kakao friends store in jeju island? i can’t read korean since i’m a foreigner. TvT

    • Sorry Vivian but we don’t currently have a store in Jeju. We do have several locations throughout Seoul and Busan so please let us know if you need more information. Cheers~

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