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Ask Frodo #3 – What are some ways I can manage my friends on KakaoTalk?

There’s lots of ways to manage your KakaoTalk friends! Here’s our go-to guide.

How to Block:

For when you need user out of sight, out of mind:


On iOS: You will need to hide the user and then go to Manage Friends > Hidden Friends > Manage > and then Block



On Android, Windows Phone: Just a long-tap a user from the Friends tab list to block.

You will be able to see any user you blocked from “Blocked Friends” in the Manage Friends menu option. You can also unblock friends from this menu.


kakaotalk block

How to Hide:

If you hide a user, they will disappear from your friends list. It’s not the same as blocking, though. They can still send you messages and you can choose to respond. You can unhide a user at any time from the Manage Friends menu.

Android, Windows Phone: Just like Block, you can long-tap a user on the Friends tab to hide.

iOS: From the Friends tab, swipe left to see a Hide option appear.

Recommend Friends Option:

You decide whether or not you want to allow KakaoTalk to suggest friends/suggest you as a friend to others. Enable or disable this option from Manage Friends menu. If you turn on Recommend Friends, you will be able to view recommendations from the Find tab.

How to Decline Future Invites (Group chats*)

If you want to leave a group chat and not be invited back into the group chat, tap the gear icon in the lower right hand corner of a chatroom and then choose Leave & Decline Invites. Just be aware that you won’t be able to reenter the chatroom under any circumstance.

*Feature is for Android only.


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“Ask Frodo #3 – What are some ways I can manage my friends on KakaoTalk?”
  • Hi…

    I wrote a little while ago regarding having folders ie …. Family friends and work etc … but you don’t seem to have been able to manage it…..
    It would be great if you could as my contacts list is getting longer and longer….

    I am a Uni teacher here in Korea and my students past and present want to add me … but I don’t want to add to the list I have….

    Or maybe we can have 2 or 3 id’s on the same number !!!!

    Thank you for your time …


  • I just wish that if i block a”friend”she/he would be totaly out of my list same me on their list..i block a friend but im still in their list and can sent a msg althougth i can recieve it.so pls do an action for the blocking i(or maybe not only me) dont want my blocked friend see me on their friend list so pls pls do something thank you

    • Hi Ariel, if you Block a friend, he/she should be removed from your Friends List and not be able to send you any messages. As for not appearing on the blocked person’s list, we’ll relay your suggestion to the service team. Thanks and hope you have a great week!

    • On this same note. I have a relationship that has ended badly. I have removed all contact information of this person, blocked them and then unblocked them so that when the app asked if I wanted to add them back to my friends list at that time, I said no.(I was advised that this would completely remove them, but I doubt that now.) I now have no trace of them on my phone, but from stocking incidents, I know that they can see when I update my profile picture; and we have no Kakoa friends in common. They know where I’ve been on vacation and other personal data.

      How can I make sure that NONE of my person information is shared with this person on Kakoatalk and Kakoastory? I want to completely erase my current, and any furture, updates from their phone.

      Do I need to close my Kakoatalk account and open it up with a new ID?

      • Hi Jeff,

        If you have blocked this person, they will not be able to view your personal information. From your comment above I understand that you have unblocked them, but if that is not the case, please let us know.


        • Yes. I blocked and then unblocked them. After I unblocked them, Kakoa asked if I wanted to add them back to my contacts. I selected “NO”. So this person is no longer ANYWHERE on MY Kakoatalk app. Not in friends list, blocked or hidden list. They are no longer a contact ANYWHERE in my phone contacts either. I can’t see them anymore. But they can still follow my updates.

          • Hi Jeff,

            The option you’ve chosen removes the user from your sight on KakaoTalk as you’ve described, however, as they are still unblocked, they will be able to view your updates. If you would like to prevent this user from viewing your updates, you will need to block them again.

            Kakao Team

  • How can I block them when I have NO information for them on my phone? You mean I need to add them through the Kakoa ID, as in send them a request to add them, they have to accept and then I have block them?

    Or create a new contact again with their number, hope is auto adds them and then block them?

  • Man this is such a nightmare. Im going to have to delete my Kakoa account and start over.

    I added her back into my phone contacts and she immediately appeared in the Kakoa app. This time I just blocked her and then deleted the contact from my phone contacts. Now her updates show up in my “notifications” on Kakaostory even though she isn’t on my Kakoastory friends list and she is blocked on Kakoatalk and no longer in my phone contacts. They are new updates. I can only assume that is how she is seeing my updates as well.

    Now I have to delete my Kakoatalk account and lose about 60 contacts that are only Kakoatalk but have moved to different countries and I no longer have there phone numbers.

    You guys MUST immediately figure out a way to allow people to remove/ no longer keep in contact with people you’ve added in the past.

    • Hi Jeff,
      We suggest that you force quit your KakaoStory app, open again, and be sure that you have unfriended her on KakaoStory (KakaoStory and KakaoTalk friends are not synched). Please let us know if this does not resolve the issue.


  • I was wondering if the person you blocked can see your profile picture updates. Because I wanted to block a friend that I am no longer friends with and I thought what if they can see my new profile pictures. I wouldnt like that.

  • Hi, I just had a quick question, a little off topic from blocking but about friends regardless. If you add someone by their kakao id, he or she is unable to see your phone number unless it’s already in their phone, correct?

  • HI,
    Some days ago I unfortunatelly my Kakao talk account. Before I deinstalled it I made a chatlog Backup. When I want reregister me all my data were lost. Is there an opportunity to find out the ID’s of all my kakao talk friends? I don’t need to know what they have written, just need to find out the ID’s of my friends.
    Thanks für helping me!!!

    • Hi Daegu. Unfortunately, we can’t provide the Kakao Account ID of our users. If you have their phone numbers, you should be able to re-add them as friends by syncing your contacts. Sorry about that and please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks.

  • Hi, I just want to ask, if I block someone, would he/she still see the little red dot next to my contact? I’m not too keen on having someone realising i’ve updated my profile and would prefer that person not know it.


    • Hi Rupert, if the blocked person added you as a friend, your profile info., including photo, will be visible to him/her. So, any changes to it will show up as well. Hope that helps. Thanks~

      • But didnt you just assure the people above that blocked people will not be able to view profile pictures and update? I am quoting you from the above comments.

        “Hi Hannah~ The other person will just see the basic silhouette as the profile image and won’t be able to see any changes. Hope that helps~”

        “Hi Jeff,
        If you have blocked this person, they will not be able to view your personal information. ”

        So which is the correct answer.

        If I block a user who has me as his friend, will he be able to see any of my pictures, updates, anything?

        • Hi Susy. Perhaps we’re missing something, but the answers you quoted seem to say essentially the same thing. If you’re referring to KakaoTalk, they will not be able to view any updates to your profile. For KakaoStory, the actions in KakaoTalk don’t automatically carry over, and you need to block users separately. Hope that helps.

  • How to remove someone inside a kakao chatgroup? We want to remove that person because we dont want the future chat group content to be available to her any more.

  • – How can i know if someone in my kakaotalk have blocked me? if he/she blocked me i still see any update of them?

    – If Kakaostory suggested to add some friends in kakaotalk friendlist is it can means that they are still haven’t blocked me?

  • Hi there!
    Love Kakao. I’m confused about one thing:

    I’m not so keen on the recommended friends feature. I don’t want others to be able to see who my friends are through the recommended friends feature — I don’t even want my friends to know who my other friends are. Is there a way to ensure no one can see who my friends are, and that none of my friends are recommended to others (at least, not as associated with my userID)?

    • Hi Steve, there’s no way to edit other user’s Recommended Friends list. However, no one else can view your list, and there’s no way for them to gain access to it. FYI, recommended Friends can appear via a number of ways, but mostly it’s 1. The person’s number is saved in your phone, or vice versa 2. You participate in a group chat with that person. Hope this info. helps. Thanks.

      • So, even my hidden friends will appear as recommended friends to other people on my friend list?

        As long as my number is in their contacts, everyone will know who my friends are through recommendations?

        • Steve,
          “As long as my number is in their contacts, everyone will know who my friends are through recommendations?”
          -> If another user has your number & synced you to their KakaoTalk account, he/she WILL NOT BE RECOMMENDED ALL OF YOUR KAKAOTALK FRIENDS. Friends Lists aren’t recommend to other users like that. Again, even if user A & user B are KakaoTalk friends, user A’s friends will not automatically show up in user B’s recommended friends list. The examples we provided were just for your reference. Hope that clears it up.

  • Dear sir/madam
    if i leave chatroom in kakaotalk and do this before reading the messages from the person that i leave from chatroom, the unread messages will mark as read messages for that person? i mean if i leave chatroom of friend, will he or she find out?

    • Hey Suny~ You will most likely read the message before you can leave the chatroom. Plus, once you leave a chatroom a ‘OOO left this chatroom’ message is shown to other users. Hope that helps~

  • Thanks. Another question. What’s the difference between “hiding” a friend and “blocking”? Also, I see a couple people on my “recommend friend” list. That means those people have me added to their friend’s list correct? I added one of them and immediately removed the person from my list (even removed her from my hidden and blocked list), but it did not show up on the recommend friend list anymore. Why is that?

    • Hi Ryo. Hiding just means the profile is hidden from you. With blocking, the other person can’t send you messages or view your profile picture. For recommended friends, it can be that 1) the person added you as a friend 2) the person has your phone # in his/her contacts 3) You are in a group chat together. There are some other factors that may lead to them showing up on your list. As for your particular example, it may take awhile for the person to re-appear or it may be that the person has removed you as a friend since then. Hope that helps and have a great day!

  • hello, if that person added me as friend on kakaotalk and i blocked him. he won’t be able to see my updated profile pictures right?

  • i have a question.
    for the recommended friends, are they recommeneded as our past friends that we have added on kkt or due to them having our phone number?

    • Hi~ Recommended Friends can appear for a variety of reasons. Including:
      – He/she has your phone number in the contacts and vice versa
      – You share a group chatroom
      – You share a mutual KakaoTalk friend

      Hope that helps. Cheers~

  • If someone blocks you, is it still possible to see their profile photo? I am positive my ex has blocked me but I can still his updated profile photo when I click on his name. There is no red dot beside his name though. Does this mean that he hid me and not blocked?

  • When I hide someone, can he/she still see my updated profile picture? Will there be a red dot notifying them I have changed pictures?

  • Hi,

    When I Voice Call my friend, there is immediately a No Answer reply and the call ends. What does this mean? The blocked me or they are immediately declining the voice call every time?

    Thank you.

  • Hi. I was invited to a group chat with 11 others. They keep sending so many texts and emojis EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past 2 months! I want to leave the group chat but I can’t because they’re church members (I don’t want to look like a jerk!). But it’s so distracting when I’m at work! I turned off the notification but it still annoys me that I have to read through so many texts every day. Is there a way to leave without letting everyone know that I LEFT the chat?

    • Not sure if I understand your question as KakaoTalk DOES NOT send your phone number to other users. If you could clarify your issue, we will be able to assist your further. Thanks.

  • Hi, I’m wondering when you unblock a friend and you add them back onto our friends list, do you appear on their friends like as a nearly added friend? What I’m trying to say is when you unblock a friend, will they find out? Or you appear on their friends list like nothing happned? thx

    • Hi Hay, the other person won’t receive any kind of special notice that they are blocked or unblocked, If he/she already has you in their Friends List, there won’t be any noticeable differences. Hope that helps. Cheers~

  • Ok, so all of the sudden today I get the “you access to kakao has been suspended in accordance with our service policy. What’s going on here? is this like a maintenance thingy and the servers are down or what?

  • Ok, so all of the sudden today I get the “you access to kakao has been suspended in accordance with our service policy.” What’s going on here? is this like a maintenance thingy and the servers are down or what?

    • Hi Line! On the Friends List screen, there should be 3 vertical dots on the very right. Tap it, you can access various options to manage your Friends. Hope that helps!

  • Hi,
    I unblocked my friend ans when the pop-up came up if they would like to be added back to my friends list, I pressed no by accident. Now when I go to my hidden friends or my blocked friends, he is no where to be found. Where do I find this person to add them back to my list of friends?

    • Hi May-Ahn! If you have your friend’s phone no. or Kakao ID, you can add him/her manually. If not, you may want to contact him/her through other means (email, text, etc…) and have your friend send you a Kakao Talk message. Hope that helps~

  • Hi,

    I am wondering when I remove a friend in my friend list, will I be able to receive messages from him/her?

  • Hi,

    I have not talked to an ex-friend in almost a year. The last message she sent was August 17th, 2015. I recently noticed that the last message sent now says April 25th, 2015 instead. Our full chat history is still there but the preview shows April 25th’s message instead of the most recent one like it usually does.

    Is there a reason why this is happening? Is it because she has deleted our conversation?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Ella. The chat history you see is stored on your phone so it’s not impacted by your friend’s actions. One possibility may be that you accidentally deleted it. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

      • Thanks for the reply. I haven’t deleted anything. I noticed that the preview message wasn’t the same as the most recent so I thought there was something that happened.

        Is there another reason this could be happening? Thank you.

        • Not sure what you mean by ‘preview message’ but, as mentioned, the chat history you see is stored on your phone so it shouldn’t change unless you altered it. Let us know if you have any other questions. Cheers.

  • Hello,

    I have been having some troubles with a Kakaotalk user for quite a while now. This person is harrassing me nearly every week. I have tried blocking him many times but whatever I do he still manages to contact me again. Is there something to do to make him unable to contact me ?
    Thanks in advance ~!

    • Hi Audrey. Once you block a person, he/she should not be able to send you a message. If you didn’t add the person as your friend, you have the option to report the message as spam by clicking on the option on top of the message. Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers.

  • Hello,

    I’ve been having troubles with a Kakaotalk user nowadays. This person keeps harrassing me and I can’t take it anymore. I blocked him many times but somehow he is still able to contact me. Is there a way I can make him totally unable to contact me?


  • Hi, I was just wondering what exactly does hiding a friend do besides taking them off the list? I know they can still message you but other than that what does it do? Do you still recieve notifications? What exactly encompasses hiding a friend?

    • Hi Nate, the option is to help you better manage your Friends List. You will still be able to send & receive message with him/her. Hope that answers your question. Cheers~

  • Hello,

    Recently I added someone and have fun chatting with him. But suddenly, when there’s a notification where it says that he replied my chat, His display name changed into “(Unknown)”, and when I opened his profile, there’s no buttons for “1:1 chat” or “free call”. And when I opened our chatroom, there is “Add+” and “Block” buttons, when I clicked “Add+” this is what came out. “This person is no longer using Kakaotalk”

    What does that mean? Is he deleting his Kakaotalk account? Or he uninstalled Kakaotalk? Or He blocked me or what?

    Thank you, I need your further information.

    • Hi Priscila, if you has his/her phone #, you can use the Sync feature to automatically re-add the person. If not, you may be able to re-add the person through a shared chatroom. Hope that helps~

  • Hi there,
    a fellow alliance member on a game used the leave and decline option by accident when Kakao didn’t work properly on his device. Is there any way to undo this?
    He’s gotten it to work on another device and wants to join the chat again, especially since we now split into 2 alliances and there is no friends option ingame. He is using the same id ofcourse.

    • I’m sorry but the Leave and Decline feature is non-reversible. One option is for you to form a new group chatroom and invite him/her there. Sorry again for the inconvenience and good luck with your alliances~

  • Hey,

    Is it possible to block and delete someone permanently? I added them using their ID and not phone number. I want to permanently delete this person from my list. I do not want them to be able to message me. Blocking only stops them from messaging and calling but if I delete them, will they be able to contact me again?

    Thank you.

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