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Ask Frodo #2 – Are there ways to turn off KakaoTalk notifications?

Dogs have a notoriously low attention span, so I totally understand the need to limit the distractions from time to time. Thankfully, yes! There are ways to turn off your KakaoTalk notifications.

First of all, from your device settings, you should be able to control whether or not KakaoTalk can send you notifications at all—that means any notifications from the app. Just go to your device settings and locate KakaoTalk (location in settings will vary on different OS) to enable or disable your notifications. On certain OS, such as iOS, you will also have the option to enable notification sounds, badge icons, and decide if you want to display notifications on your lock screen.


KakaoTalk also gives you options within the app. From More > Settings > Notifications you can control whether or not you get notification previews, notification sounds (or tones) and notifications from group chats.

From your 1:1 and group chatrooms you can opt to turn Notifications ON or OFF from the upper right hand corner. On KakaoTalk Desktop, you can also enable or disable notifications for the entire app or for individual chatrooms by clicking on the bell icon.

Happy Talking, I just saw a leaf I have to chase!

– Frodo

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26 Discussions on
“Ask Frodo #2 – Are there ways to turn off KakaoTalk notifications?”
  • How do I deactivate my account that has been temporarily suspended for I added 100 friends and they thought it’s too much?

  • I love katalk but I have a problem with the cute notification cover. When I set a lock (pattern security my phones shows the regular default pattern instead of the cute katalk cover. Only when i have entered my pattern am I able to see the cover. Is there a lockscreen function for this? Thanks!

    • Hi Jeni. I assume you’re talking about the KakaoTalk Notification Cover feature. Regularly, the Notification Cover should appear first, then your phone lock screen. This may be an issue with your phone settings and please double check that your Notification Cover is turned on in the settings menu. Thanks~

  • Hi,
    I have turned off group chat notifications from kakaotalk but I still receive notifications but no sounds and vibrations. Other kakao messages work as normal. Please suggest me what to do to stop this.

    • Hi Zia. Even if you turn off the group chatroom notification, you will still receive message alerts. To not receive alerts, you need to go into Notification Settings and turn off alerts for all messages. Hope that helps.

      • This is a terrible design. Notifications off should mean notifications off. If it really means no sound or vibrate, then you should label it as such.

        There is currently no way to avoid receiving notifications (you call them “message alerts”, but they are really notifications)

        • Sorry you’re not happy with the design. Since we want to make sure our users don’t miss any messages, any and all chatrooms receive the red number alerts when a new message is sent. Your other option would be to leave any group chatrooms that you no longer wish to participate. Hope that helps. Thanks.

  • How do I turn off just the vibrations whenever I receive a message? The vibration is very annoying when the notification sound is already loud enough (louder than any other messaging App).

  • Hi.i dont want to receive red alert when the all notifications is turned off.how it is possible?could you please help me.thank you in advace

    • Hi Enver. By “red alert”, do you mean the red dots that appear on user profiles? If so, that’s not a function that can be turned on/off. It just indicates that there’s been changes to the user’s profile. Hope that helps. Cheers~

  • Hi. So I saved my notification settings as popup when the screen is on. Whoever I want notifications to show in the status bar even when my screen is off. I do not want a popup when my screen is off for safety issues. Is there a way to still get a notification in the status bar even when my screen is off? Thank you!

    • Hi Tiffany. The current available options are Always, Screen On and Off. With Off, the speech bubble symbol should appear on the status bar whenever you receive a message. Hope that helps and let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks~

  • Hi! Sorry. I would like to rephrase my previous question. Please don’t mind my previous one because I wasn’t being specific enough.
    So I have my notifications as pop up when the screen is on. Show sender and message.
    I noticed after several tests that if you exit out of kakaotalk and sleep your phone, you won’t get any notifications. You will only get them if you keep kakaotalk running while your phone is in sleep mode.
    Is there a way to still receive notifications even after you exited the app and turned off the screen?
    Thank you!

    • Hey Tiffany. Not sure if I understand your question, but the notification should still appear on your status bar even if you “exit” the app. Or, you could use the KakaoTalk Cover feature in the Notification Settings, which lets you check all of your recent messages in the cover screen. Cheers~

  • I need help with turning off notifications from a specific person. I understand how to go and disable by clicking on the 3 lines on the top right corner, etc…. but what happens if I leave a chatroom, have no history of chat, and then want to turn off notifications from this specific user?

  • Hi I want to turn off just the vibration function of KakaoTalk message notifications. I have searched in the Settings menu but couldn’t find any button for it.

    So far the only solution is to turn off conpletely my iPhone6s’s vibration function but I wouldn’t want to do that since I need it for calls/SMS. Any help I can get for it? Thanks.

    • Hey Nikka. You’ll find “Notification Settings” in the Settings menu. From there, you can set your alerts, including turning Vibrate On/Off. Hope that helps and let us know if you have any other questions. Cheers~

  • Hello, KakaoTeam. ^^

    Allow me to begin by saying that Kakaotalk IS the best messenger app with features that make it unique and vibrant.

    I am always enthusiastic about recommending it to my friends and family, and for this reason I would like to use this space to suggest certain improvements which I believe that will make it even better for your beloved users.

    1. The quality of recorded audio messages is quite inferior to the one available for Whatsapp, making it difficult sometimes to comprehend what is being said. Could you ask the adorable kakaoDevelopers to enhance the audio recording quality?

    2. We would like a more overtly secure environment; therefore, end-to end encryption is beyond necessary.

    3. There should also be an option to select multiple videos to be sent, a feature which is only available for pictures.

    4. Both download and upload speed seem to be reduced, no matter how fast wifi connection is. I wonder if that is an issue with your servers, since all other apps we have (such as Box) are fast when downloading and uploading larger files.

    5. Skype has recently allowed users to edit and even delete messages after they have been sent. We find this feature useful and we would like to see it implemented as well.

    6. Only kakaoFriends stickers can be attached to the pictures we edit – but not the emoticons we buy. We wonder why this happens.

    7. GIF images can only be visualized if tapped on and expended. For convenience, please allow them to be viewed as GIF and not still images in the chat room.

    8. Emoticons sold at the Store could also include video animated stickers (such as Skype’s) or maybe features similar to those Apple has recently added to its iMessage for iOS 10, such as fullscreen effects or bubble effects. Basic emoticons are welcome, but technology has improved. Our phones can do much more and we believe Kakaotalk should follow its advancements closely. Besides, the addition of differential jaw dropping features is what competitive content is all about. This would perhaps compel users to buy more often from the Store because they would be engaged in acquiring what no other app currently offers. Be the difference we want to see. ^^

    8.1 Why not providing users with free emoticons every once in a while? Or perhaps increase the amount of standard emoticons a tad more?

    9. KakaoHome is an app iOS users like us truly envy. Since only KakaoTalk can be visually modified, we would like to request more diverse themes for even further customizations, with the special touch only the KakaoTeam can have. Please, do consider expanding the Theme list for Kakaotalk, which would benefit both iPhone and Android users.

    Side note: although we consider KakaoTalk Cheez a more than welcome addition to the family, we wonder why its features were not implemented directly to KakaoTalk in the first place, since not only it does not stand on its own but also it is intrinsically linked to and created for our favorite messenger. Also, because of that, many users may end up not hearing about Cheez. Therefore, instead of having to download an extra app, we would like to use it within KakaoTalk itself, so we never leave the app to personalize our own experience. This would certainly reach out to all users from both Android and iOS in addition to making more organic the Kakao’s usability.

    We do hope these tips enlighten the KakaoTeam as well as heighten user experience overall, especially in content consumption.

    With much love,

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