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Thank You! To & From Daum Kakao – We Celebrate 2014

Daum Kakao had a lot to celebrate this year.

Obviously, there was the big merger in October, but we also had a number of large and small milestones that made 2014 a truly unforgettable year for everyone at Daum Kakao.

To celebrate all of that, as well as the coming New Year, we threw a company-wide year-end party on December 30th. Below is a little photo essay of the scene at our Hannam office so you can share the good times. Cheers!


Daum Kakao Blog - Thank You Party Invitation 01These invitations (prepared by our P&C Team) were on the desks of every single Daum Kakao member this morning.


Daum Kakao Blog - Thank You Party Entrance 01When we arrived at the sight, we were greeted by this smiling face out front. He let us know that we could pick-up Thank You cards from other Daum Kakao members! (No one left us any cards…)


Daum Kakao Blog - Thank You Party Food 01

Also out front, there were snacks! Many, many snacks, including these delectable macarons.


Daum Kakao Blog - Thank You Party Theme 01

The theme of the party? “Thank You,” certainly the best two-word phrase in the English language.


Daum Kakao Blog - Thank You Party MCs 01

The party began simultaneously in all three Daum Kakao offices, each featuring their own MC. 


Daum Kakao Blog - Thank You Party Video 01

We kicked off with some terrific video packages featuring interviews with Daum Kakao members.


Daum Kakao Blog - Thank You Party Yomi 01Yomi’s interview may have been the best. Here’s a summary:

1. Yomi and her husband used to work together at Daum

2. Her husband moved to Kakao

3. Daum and Kakao merged, and now they have to work together again.

4. Yomi is “very happy to be working with her husband again.”


Daum Kakao Blog - Thank You Party Gifts 01Gifts! Daum Kakao members that got Thank You cards also received special gifts prepared by their not-so-secret admirers.


All in all, it may have not been the loudest, rowdiest New Year’s party, but it was the perfect way to look back and celebrate the year that brought Daum and Kakao together.

We hope all of you celebrate the New Year in a safe and meaningful way, and make sure to say “Thank You” to those around you.

(Also, make sure to have fun, like these guys. Happy New Year.)

Daum Kakao Blog - Thank You Party Win 01








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