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Daum Kakao Photography Club’s Mini Exhibition

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Daum Kakao’s photography club was founded by AJ Lee and Jess Lee (no relations) a year and a half ago. The club was originally named KakaoShot, but they’re looking for a new moniker that better suits the company post-merger.

Last month they had the idea to show off the club’s work in an in-house exhibition, and set up the display over a few days.

“We wanted to show everyone what kind of work the photography club does, so we worked together to stage our first exhibition,” club member Theo Lee said.

12 members contributed photos to the exhibit currently up on the 3rd floor of Daum Kakao’s Pangyo complex. Covering just two walls, the collage isn’t massive by any means, but it has attracted a steady stream of viewers, mostly thanks to word-of-mouth.


PhotoClub photo 2

By AJ Lee


The photos, arranged in two attractive, horizontal grids, offer a wide variety of forms and themes, including nature, portraits, travel scenes and life in Korea.

“The photo gallery really shows who we are and what we do as a club, and we hope it can help people relax and even be inspired by the images,” Jess added.


PhotoClub photo 1

 By Jess Lee


“I traveled all over the world for a full year, and my photographs on display are from those travels,” said Luffy Song. “I take photos because I want people to see what I see, and this was a great opportunity to share just a little bit of that.”


PhotoClub photo 3

By Luffy Song


The photography club currently has 30 members and they hope to continue growing. “We’re, obviously, always taking photos, but we also attend a lot of exhibitions on weekends.  The club is open to anyone passionate about photography and cameras, so we hope more people will join us in 2015,” said Jess Lee.



Daum Kakao’s Photography Club

Back row: Lane Ko, Maverick Park, Jess Lee, Luffy Song, AJ Lee, Anne Yu, Elsa Kim

Front row: Vex Lee, Jerry Shim, Theo Lee, Castor Kim (not pictured: Spike Kang) 


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