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October 2014

Daum Kakao Members Embark on Trip to India for ‘Hope’

The Hope School in Bardhaman, Bengal, India  This weekend, 10 Daum Kakao members will head to India for a very important meeting. The long flight will bring them to the Bardhaman region of Bengal, India where each Daum Kakao member will meet the special students of  the ninth Daum Kakao Hope School. Daum Kakao’s Hope School project, started by Daum in 2006, sources employee donations to build schools in developing countries across Asia.

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Which Kakao Friend Are You?

In addition to KakaoTalk’s unique and diverse features, the fast, fun and free mobile messaging app is best known for its Kakao Friends characters. No matter your personality, you will be able to find your perfect avatar among the seven distinct and colorful characters. So which Kakao Friend is just right for you? Are you bold and popular like Apeach? Or more playful and silly like Muzi? Take this Kakao

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Sticker Package Deal Lands in the KakaoTalk Item Store! For a limited time!

From today until October 27, the KakaoTalk Digital Item Store will hold a limited time offer perfect for all of our sticker fanatics across the globe! The sticker package deal gets you four new sticker collections from the Item Store’s most popular artists and includes the super-fun Kakao Friends, Fashionista emoticons along with three other collections: Bareunlife, Hozo’s Chain of Love, and Nice Jin and the Magic Fruit. With the

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New Security Features and Improvements Coming to KakaoTalk

We understand how important security and privacy are to your day-to-day communication, which makes it one of the Daum Kakao team’s #1 concerns. In developing and updating all of our services, we keep user privacy and protection in mind in all of the features, options and improvements we put in place. Starting this year and going into 2015, KakaoTalk will undergo some changes and add new features to reinforce user

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A Colorful Look at Daum Kakao’s Vision!

Users from all walks of life have lots of hopes for the creations they would like to see from Daum Kakao. The top featured video colorfully animates the brilliant and…delicious combination Daum Kakao makes! In the second video, we show you rather than tell you what we mean by “Connect Everything!” We took to the streets to find out about the Daum Kakao services that are a part of their every

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FAQ: Answering Questions You May Have on Daum Kakao!

Have some questions about what’s happening as Kakao is now officially Daum Kakao? We’re here to help! These FAQs should help you get a good picture of where the new company stands, where it’s headed and what that means for you and the services you love!

A Peek Inside the ‘Daum Kakao Day 1’ Press Conference!

On October 1, 2014, Kakao completed its merger with Daum Communications. Take a peek inside the press conference event, “Daum Kakao Day 1” held at Seoul’s Westin Chosun Hotel. After Daum Kakao’s co-CEO’s Saehoon Choi and Sirgoo Lee were introduced, the two presented Daum Kakao’s vision for the newly formed company as it takes on the challenge of “Connecting Everything.” The vision explored different connections and amenities as examples of everyday

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Daum and Kakao take on mission to ‘Connect Everything’ together as Daum Kakao

We’re excited to let our readers know that today, October 1, Daum and Kakao have officially announced the completion of their merger to form Daum Kakao Corp. (For more information on Daum, see our recent post!) At a press conference this morning, it was also announced that Sirgoo Lee, co-CEO of Kakao and Saehoon Choi, CEO of Daum will serve as co-CEOs of the newly formed company. Daum Kakao’s #1 mission is to “connect everything”

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