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May 2014

Access 3 billion Stories, share your news, pictures and life, now through the web.

Starting today, KakaoStory users will be able to freely upload and share photos and stories, and browse through friends’ Stories from multiple devices by simply logging on with your Kakao Account at story.kakao.com   You, Me, Us, KakaoStory, and the web The web version of KakaoStory perfectly replicates the design and key features within the mobile app, making it super easy to go back and forth between the mobile app

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Stay tuned for the future of Daum Kakao

  Above: Daum Communications chief executive Sae-hoon Choi and Kakao co-CEO Sirgoo Lee at the press conference announcing the merger on May 26, 2014 Since Kakao launched KakaoTalk in 2010, we have worked hard to develop a mobile ecosystem and enrich users’ mobile lives by creating new ways to connect.  As such, we are excited to begin a new journey with Daum Communications under the new company name Daum Kakao.

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