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Ask Frodo #6: What do the red dots on my friends list mean?

For anyone wondering about the red dots on their Friends Tab, we’ve got answers!

Sticker Fans! Get the KakaoTalk Surprise Pack for a Limited Time!

The Surprise Pack – only in the Item Store until 4/27!

Ask Frodo #4 – What’s in my KakaoTalk Settings menu?

In case you didn’t know about all the stuff you can manage and customize from the Settings menu, Frodo’s got you covered.

Valentine’s Day is upon us. No plan? No problem.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our readers!

Ask Frodo #3 – What are some ways I can manage my friends on KakaoTalk?

There’s lots of ways to manage your KakaoTalk friends! Here’s our go-to guide.

Make Your Mini Profile Pop!

Are you up for the creative challenge, readers? We’ve created a few designs of our own and have the templates here if you want to decorate your profile like us.

Make your own Apeach origami!

Make your own Apeach origami!