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New Apple Watch Support on KakaoTalk

A seamless link between KakaoTalk iOS and your Apple Watch.

Update to KakaoStory v3.0

KakaoStory has a new look and new features in version 3.0!

Disappearing groups and more in KakaoGroup v2.5.0

KakaoGroup’s latest version has some cool new features, including a somewhat explosive addition…

See what’s bubbling – Kakao Lab for iOS is here!

Kakao Lab and more is all-new for iOS.

Secret Group Chat now offered on KakaoTalk for Android

A group chatroom that’s permanently on “shhh” mode.

The Latest KakaoTalk Update Is Here

We’re super excited to bring you the first KakaoTalk update of 2015.

The update brings a new look to the user interface while boosting usability and offering more customization.

Daum News Funding Brings Readers Closer to Content That Matters to Them

Released in the Fall of 2014, Daum News Funding presents media consumers an alternative way of seeking out and supporting the stories they want to read.

Want to have more fun with Zap? Here’s how:

Wondering how else you and your friends can use Zap? We have a few ideas.

KakaoGroup Now Available on the Web

To enjoy KakaoGroup’s multitude of features, including text and image posting, file-sharing and Kakao Friends Emoticons, simply log in at group.kakao.com.