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Kakao CEO Ji-Hoon Rim awarded Leadership Excellence Award By AIS

The distinguished AIS Leadership Excellence Award is presented annually at ICIS to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and innovation in the use and development of information systems. AIS and the ICIS 2017 Organizing Committee are pleased announce that the Keynote Address at ICIS 2017 will be delivered by Ji-Hoon Rim, CEO of Kakao. Following the address, Rim will be presented with the 2017 Leadership Excellence Award. The Association for

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Kakao launches the Kakao Research Support Program to recruit AI talents

– Offers research scholarship, financial support for participation in international conferences and internship. – Accepts application year-round, with no application deadlines. – Plans to hold on-campus recruiting events in early 2018, to be attended by Kakao CEO Jihoon Rim. Kakao Corp. (CEO Jihoon Rim) is expanding its workforce in AI (artificial intelligence). The company has established strategies to actively search for Al talents, such as a year-round research support program

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Kakao Corp website gets face-lift!

Kakao’s corporate website, which was originally created in 2014 to announce the new beginning of Kakao, has been revamped. It is up and running as of Nov 2017. We’re delighted to introduce the new Kakao Corp website (https://www.kakaocorp.com) which has been redesigned with aims of strengthening Kakao’s brand image, securing its position as a corporate hub channel to provide sustainable information, and providing the better coverage of Kakao communities. •

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Kakao celebrates 6-year anniversary of Kakao Emoticons

Buyers grow by a whopping 40% every year in Emoticon Store. Cumulative emoticon products rose 900 times in 6 years to reach 5,500 items. There are now big-shot emoticon artists who sell 1B won’s worth of emoticons per year.   [2017-11-29] In celebrating the 6-year anniversary, the Emoticon Store of Kakao (CEO Jihoon Rim) revealed how it has grown for the past six years as well as the development of

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Kakao publishes the 2017 Kakao Mobility Report

[2017-11-27] Daily average of one hour and 48 minutes per person. Every moment of movement and changes happening in Korea is included in the report. Kakao Mobility (CEO Joohwan Jung) announced on Nov 27 that it has published the 2017 Kakao Mobility Report (hereinafter “the Report”). The Report aims to contribute to the public good such as transportation policies, local businesses and daily life by analyzing the big data of

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Kakao sets a new record in quarterly sale

Operating profits also best ever since 1Q 2015 KRW 515.4bn in revenue and KRW 47.4bn in operating profits in 3Q17 Even growth in all segments including advertising, content and commerce Gearing up to build the AI ecosystem Kakao to open the platform available to everyone [2017.11.9] Kakao announced today that it recorded KRW 515.4bn in consolidated sales and KRW 47.4bn in operating profit in the third quarter of 2017 based

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Kakao Roundup #10

We’ve got stories on Kakao’s latest ventures including the new and improved Kakao Map, exciting partnerships both local and abroad, and some cool news for fans of PC games.

Kakao Roundup #9

With the weather being oh so HOT around here, we sure would like a nice dip in the pool. But not before bringing you a jam-packed edition of Kakao Roundup! Highlights include Kakao’s 2nd quarter earnings release, news of a new selfie app and… a visit to singer IU’s house? Yup, all that and more so check it out.

Kakao Roundup #8

It’s been raining~ a lot in Korea lately, but instead of going insane, we’ve been busy at work with a number of exciting new ventures. This edition of the Roundup features updates on Kakao Bank, the opening of a Kakao Friends flagship store and details of Kakao’s next O2O service.

Kakao Roundup #7

Greetings! Hard to believe that June (June!) is almost over. With new service launches, key international partnerships and our fintech service reaching a significant milestone, it’s been a pretty busy month for Kakao. Let’s check it out:

Kakao Roundup #6

Hello everyone. Hope things are going well for you guys. The latest news from Kakao includes our 1st quarter earnings report, an update on our upcoming designated driver service and a story mentioning how scientist are using Kakao Talk for speedy international cooperation.

Kakao Roundup #5

We’re back to share the latest Kakao news, including our CEO Jimmy’s interview with The Korea Economic Daily and a new feature for Kakao Talk

Kakao Roundup #4

Let’s quickly check out what’s been happening at Kakao. This week’s highlight includes the 1st anniversary of Kakao Taxi and some pics of our volunteer program in Vietnam:

Kakao Roundup #3

With the weekend just around the corner, here’s a quick look at what’s been going on at Kakao:

Kakao Roundup #2

March is here! And we’re here to bring you the latest in Kakao news, including our latest online-to-offline (O2O) business venture.

Kakao Weekly Roundup: February 12th, 2016

Feb. 4 Air France latest brand to embrace KakaoTalk as customer service channel

Kakao’s S2Graph is an Apache Incubator Project!

S2Graph, an online transaction processing (OLTP) graph database developed by Kakao, was selected by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) as an incubator project.

Follow The K-Minute on KakaoTalk Sept. 3~7 and Get Free Jay-G Special Edition Emoticons

Add The K-Minute on Plus Friend to stay in touch with K-pop, K-fashion, K-beauty, food trends, humor and viral stories that are hot right now!

Daum Kakao to change company name to Kakao

Today we announced the decision to change our corporate name from Daum Kakao Corp. to Kakao Corp., as part of our continued effort to grow into a full-fledged mobile lifestyle platform company.

KakaoTalk Connects K-Pop Fans Online and Offline at KCON 2015

KakaoTalk took part in KCON’s 2015 festivities in order to help KCON-goers and KakaoTalk users from all over North America and beyond to connect to one another, make new friends, plan and get psyched for the stateside K-pop event of the year.

Daum Kakao releases Transparency Report for 1st half 2015

Daum Kakao today released our Transparency Report for 1st half 2015. Protecting user privacy is the top priority for Daum Kakao and a key part of that is being transparent with users about our privacy practices and the government requests we receive regarding personal information.

Daum Kakao acquires Tangram Design Lab

We have more exciting news to share: Daum Kakao’s K Ventures Group today announced the acquisition of Tangram Design Lab. The deal is for a 51% stake in the UX design agency, while Tangram Factory, the partner company and makers of Smart Rope, will continue to operate as an independent brand.

KakaoTalk Releases a Special Emoticon Set for Deaf Users

As mobile tech keeps barreling toward a hyper-connected future, some individuals and groups with unique challenges are occasionally left behind. It’s up to us in the tech world to make effort to create more inclusive experiences no matter what the challenge.

KakaoTalk Ranks No. 1 in App Sessions Worldwide!

KakaoTalk is the most frequently used app per user, according to the latest findings by Quettra, a mobile intelligence company based in Mountain View!!

Our next new journey with Path!

Today we welcome a very special addition to Daum Kakao’s service family… Path! (link: http://blog.path.com/)

Path was born 5 years ago as a service focused on bringing users happiness, meaning and connections, and Daum Kakao and Path are quite excited to continue that simple but important mission.

Kakao Around the World – Tell Us Your Story for a Chance to Win!

How do you use Kakao where you live? Tell us for a chance to win a Kakao Friends figurine! See post for details!!!

Contribute to Disaster Relief Efforts with “Pray for Nepal” Sticker Set

    “Pray for Nepal” stickers featuring Mozzi will be on sale until May 26th in the KakaoTalk Item Store. Full proceeds of “Pray for Nepal” items sold will benefit a charity for the affected children of Nepal. The set of 8 stickers is $0.99 from the App Store and $1.00 from the Google Play Store. Every contribution matters! 🙂 

New Apple Watch Support on KakaoTalk

A seamless link between KakaoTalk iOS and your Apple Watch.

Ask Frodo #6: What do the red dots on my friends list mean?

For anyone wondering about the red dots on their Friends Tab, we’ve got answers!

Sticker Fans! Get the KakaoTalk Surprise Pack for a Limited Time!

The Surprise Pack – only in the Item Store until 4/27!

5 Things to Know about Daum Kakao’s new Mobile Blogging Platform, “PLAIN”

Daum Kakao today released the beta version of PLAIN, a mobile app that makes blogging oh-so-easy. Here are 5 things that make PLAIN a terrific tool for avid bloggers everywhere.

KakaoStory Tops Social Networking Services in Korea

KakaoStory is the SNS of choice in South Korea.

Daum Webtoon is coming to China

Daum Webtoon, Daum Kakao’s online comic service, is home to hundreds of entertaining and compelling titles. Due to the novelesque plotlines and deep character development these stories offer, as well as the episodic nature of comics, they are viewed by millions of eager readers everyday.

Update to KakaoStory v3.0

KakaoStory has a new look and new features in version 3.0!

SPOTTED! Cherry Blossoms Draw Delight from the Kakao Friends

The Kakao Friends are just like us –they LOVE springtime.

Disappearing groups and more in KakaoGroup v2.5.0

KakaoGroup’s latest version has some cool new features, including a somewhat explosive addition…

KakaoTaxi Hits the Road following Official Launch

Daum Kakao’s KakaoTaxi officially launched today with the release of the Android passenger app. Serviced throughout Korea, KakaoTaxi connects drivers and passengers for a convenient and safe taxi riding experience. Below we answered some questions to help you better understand our latest service.

See what’s bubbling – Kakao Lab for iOS is here!

Kakao Lab and more is all-new for iOS.

Celebrating 5 Years of KakaoTalk!

Celebrating 5 fantastic years of KakaoTalk!

Secret Group Chat now offered on KakaoTalk for Android

A group chatroom that’s permanently on “shhh” mode.

Kakao Friends Take Over Woori Bank

Banks usually aren’t a whole lot of fun to visit, but that’s certainly not the case with Woori Bank’s Myeongdong branch as they’ve enlisted the help of Frodo, Neo, Jay-G and the rest of the gang to promote BankWalletKakao and related products.

MWC Brings the Future One Step Closer

What emerging technology would you be most excited to see incorporated into KakaoTalk and other Daum Kakao services in the future?

Ask Frodo #4 – What’s in my KakaoTalk Settings menu?

In case you didn’t know about all the stuff you can manage and customize from the Settings menu, Frodo’s got you covered.

Daum Kakao to Co-publish “Superstar SMTOWN” in China

Daum Kakao is teaming up with China’s Chukong Technologies to co-publish “Superstar SMTOWN” in the first half of 2015.

Daum Kakao recently announced its plans to enter the Chinese mobile game market as a publisher, and “Superstar SMTOWN” will be the first such effort.

VIDEO: ‘Behind the Scenes’ of Frodo and Neo’s ‘Special Edition’ Stickers

Ever wonder how much work it takes the Kakao Friends to make their adorable stickers?

Mind Tree helps Daum Kakao members say thanks

In a company culture that values collaboration and community, Mind Tree is another way for Daum Kakao members to work closely together.

Giant. Fluffy. Slippers.

Keeping warm just got more fun.

Happy Lunar New Year! From all of us at Daum Kakao

Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year, is celebrated in several parts of Asia and marks the beginning of the new year according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. This year, the holiday is celebrated on February 19, and marks the beginning of the Year of the Goat in the Chinese zodiac.

Valentine’s Day is upon us. No plan? No problem.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our readers!

BankWalletKakao TV spot featuring Misaeng stars

Check out a new TV spot for BankWalletKakao featuring the stars of the hit office drama “Misaeng.”

Ask Frodo #3 – What are some ways I can manage my friends on KakaoTalk?

There’s lots of ways to manage your KakaoTalk friends! Here’s our go-to guide.

Make Your Mini Profile Pop!

Are you up for the creative challenge, readers? We’ve created a few designs of our own and have the templates here if you want to decorate your profile like us.

The Latest KakaoTalk Update Is Here

We’re super excited to bring you the first KakaoTalk update of 2015.

The update brings a new look to the user interface while boosting usability and offering more customization.

Watch KakaoPay’s new TV spot

Because KakaoPay won’t take you all day!

Transparency Report Offers Clear Picture of Privacy Protection

To respond to user concerns and underline our first priority of users and their protection first, always, we have released our first, and South Korea’s first, transparency report.

Daum News Funding Brings Readers Closer to Content That Matters to Them

Released in the Fall of 2014, Daum News Funding presents media consumers an alternative way of seeking out and supporting the stories they want to read.

Make your own Apeach origami!

Make your own Apeach origami!

Want to have more fun with Zap? Here’s how:

Wondering how else you and your friends can use Zap? We have a few ideas.

Ask Frodo #2 – Are there ways to turn off KakaoTalk notifications?

Dogs have a notoriously low attention span, so I totally understand the need to limit the distractions from time to time. Thankfully, yes! There are ways to turn off your KakaoTalk notifications.

A Year in Stickers

Measuring 2014 in stickers. 😛

KakaoGroup Now Available on the Web

To enjoy KakaoGroup’s multitude of features, including text and image posting, file-sharing and Kakao Friends Emoticons, simply log in at group.kakao.com.

Share Your World with Zap, 24 Hours at a Time

Today’s global launch of Zap means good times for everyone that believes a picture’s worth a thousand words. Here’s 3 things you should know about Daum Kakao’s newest image-based messenger:

Daum Kakao Photography Club’s Mini Exhibition

Daum Kakao’s photography club was founded by AJ Lee and Jess Lee (no relations) a year and a half ago. The club was originally named KakaoShot, but they’re looking for a new moniker that better suits the company post-merger.

Last month they had the idea to show off the club’s work in an in-house exhibition, and set up the display over a few days.

See You All in 2015…

The year is almost over, and it’s been a big one for all of us at Daum Kakao.

Thank You! To & From Daum Kakao – We Celebrate 2014

Daum Kakao had a lot to celebrate this year.

Obviously, there was the big merger in October, but we also had a number of large and small milestones that made 2014 a truly unforgettable year for everyone at Daum Kakao.

To celebrate all of that, as well as the coming New Year, we threw a company-wide year-end party on December 30th. Below is a little photo essay of the scene at our Hannam office so you can share the good times. Cheers!

Kakao Game Announces 2014’s “Best Games of the Year”

Although somewhat unfamiliar to our global users, Kakao Game is, without a doubt, the most popular mobile gaming platform in Korea. After launching in July 2012 with just ten games, Kakao Game now offers more than 600 titles, consisting of every genre imaginable.

Avoid Holiday Shopping Madness with KakaoTalk

We have some ways to make the last minute shopping ordeal a little less painful.

Taxi MoU Signals Exciting New Road for Daum Kakao

Daum Kakao signed a MoU (memorandum of understanding) today with the Seoul Taxi Association and Korea Smart Card signaling its entry into the taxi business.

Pausing at Pangyo’s Cafe Talk

Take a break at Cafe Talk.

Kakao Friends Find Long-term Home at COEX Department Store

In light of the tremendous popularity of the Pop-Up stores throughout South Korea this year, we thought it high time to carve out a permanent shop for all things Kakao Friends.

LiveTalk Offers New Way to Connect in Indonesia

We recently unveiled LiveTalk, a new chatting service for Indonesian users that allows for real-time group chats on a variety of topics. Whether you’re passionate about K-Pop or the EPL, LiveTalk is a great way to meet new friends that share your particular interest. Check out our Q&A below to learn more about LiveTalk.

Daum Webtoon puts great webcomic stories at readers’ fingertips

The Daum Webtoon platform brings free and paid comic content spanning several genres to devoted and casual webcomic readers alike.

Share the Love this Winter with KakaoTalk’s Frodo & Neo

The latest Kakao Friends emoticons are here, just in time for the holiday season when spreading love is on everyone’s mind. The new “Love Story” set includes 24 moving stickers featuring everyone’s favorite dynamic duo, Frodo and Neo, and covers the full spectrum of emotions they go through as a couple. Whether madly in love or going through a rough patch, there’s a perfect emoticon to let your special someone

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Jakarta Sister City Youth Delegates visit Daum Kakao’s Pangyo Offices

On November 24th, we welcomed 15 delegates from Indonesia to our Pangyo offices as part of the 2014 Jakarta-Seoul Sister City Exchange Program. Members of the Jakarta Sister City Youth Program, comprised mostly of students from top universities, and officials from the Sports and Youth Department of Jakarta visited Daum Kakao as part of their 10-day program, which offers participants the opportunity to gain in-depth understanding of Korea’s various key sectors

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All About: Our Classic Emojis!

Clearly, emojis aren’t going away anytime soon. If anything, the range of what we can say via emojis should only continue to expand from here. Emojis are fun, for sure, but they are also largely something else: subjective. Emojis can mean different things to different people depending on age, culture, or simply perspective. In addition to all our other digital items and included Kakao Friends emoticons, KakaoTalk offers a collection

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Stay on Top of It Beautifully with SolCalendar

Scheduling and organization is key for anyone with a busy life (and that’s a lot of us, to be sure.) Calendar apps are one of the greatest ways to get it done smart. Sure, there are plenty of calendar apps out there, but some are busy-looking, others lack certain functions, and many can’t integrate with your existing calendars. SolCalendar is available as a free download on Android and offers a

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A Very Connected Day in the Life

A day in a very connected life might look like this:

Tips & Tricks You Need to Know on KakaoTalk for Windows

Hey Windows users,

You all know already that KakaoTalk for Windows is a convenient way to stay connected to all your KakaoTalk contacts in more places–especially during work or class!

But we think you might not know about some of the great settings and features that making chatting on Windows fun and unique.

Introducing…the all new Real Emoticons (aka realcons) to KakaoTalk!

Today, Daum Kakao introduced a whole new type of emoticons to KakaoTalk that is sure to bring smiles to your faces! Real Emoticons, or realcons for short, optimize two second video clips of real people (in this case celebrities) in action in an emoticon format that can be used like any other emoticon in a chatroom. Portraying the full torso of the characters instead of just their faces, realcons are

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Couple Homepack another winner for Buzzpia

Recently, Buzzpia, Daum Kakao’s sister company, teamed up with VCNC, the developers of the popular Between app, to launch the Couple Homepack. Before we let you know about this recent release, here’s a short primer to help you better understand Buzzpia and their signature services.

Buzzpia is the company behind Buzz Launcher and Buzz Widget, two popular Android apps, as well as the Homepack Buzz service. The three intertwine to provide you with easy-to-use tools to design beautiful home launchers, plus a vibrant forum where you can share your unique creations.

Get to Know Daum Kakao’s New Mobile Banking App, BankWalletKakao

Daum Kakao partnered with the Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute (KFTC) and 16 Korean banks to launch BankWallet Kakao, a mobile banking service that incorporates KakaoTalk’s ubiquitous messaging platform.

Two Versions, One Great KakaoTalk Experience for Windows Phone Users

Windows Phone users searching for KakaoTalk in the Apps+Game Store will surely be seeing double today as Korea’s No. 1 mobile social messenger is now available in two versions.

Into Space: A Look at Daum Kakao’s Jeju HQ

Space.1, a part of Jeju Science Park, and now Daum Kakao’s official headquarters, was completed in April 2012. The building is (if we do say so ourselves!) something to be taken in, architecturally. Designed by the firm Mass Studies, the building is mainly horizontal in orientation, which the firm wanted to reflect the company culture. The building is set into a slope and was designed to fit organically in the center of its large, green campus.

KakaoTalk on Thai TV!

Check out KakaoTalk’s new commercial airing in Thailand! Follow the Grean Possible Gang, an up-and-coming Thai pop group, as they jaunt around Siam Square One fashion centre in Bangkok and get tickled by incoming KakaoTalk messages! (Fun fact- “Ka’Talk” sounds a lot like the word for “tickle” or “itch” in Thai. See if you can pick it up as you watch the video!) The spot will air from October 22

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Daum Kakao Members Embark on Trip to India for ‘Hope’

The Hope School in Bardhaman, Bengal, India  This weekend, 10 Daum Kakao members will head to India for a very important meeting. The long flight will bring them to the Bardhaman region of Bengal, India where each Daum Kakao member will meet the special students of  the ninth Daum Kakao Hope School. Daum Kakao’s Hope School project, started by Daum in 2006, sources employee donations to build schools in developing countries across Asia.

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Which Kakao Friend Are You?

In addition to KakaoTalk’s unique and diverse features, the fast, fun and free mobile messaging app is best known for its Kakao Friends characters. No matter your personality, you will be able to find your perfect avatar among the seven distinct and colorful characters. So which Kakao Friend is just right for you? Are you bold and popular like Apeach? Or more playful and silly like Muzi? Take this Kakao

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